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3 tips for buying a fan

Finding the perfect fan for your home can be tricky. Not all fans are same when it comes to moving air efficiently and quietly. And no one wants a noisy fan disrupting their peace at home.

If possible, listen to the fan in-store before purchasing. And if you've ordered online, don't worry about proving anything to return it. Consider the type of noise the fan makes, such as dull, low-frequency sounds that are less bothersome compared to loud clicking or creaking noises.

Pillar fans tend to make more noise than traditional round fans, so unless you have specific requirements, a regular round fan with spinning blades might be a better option.

Don't wait until the scorching hot day in June when everyone else is scrambling to buy a fan. Instead, purchase a fan during cooler months. This way, you'll be prepared and won't have to settle for whatever happens to be in stock when the heatwave hits.

A fan is not the same as an air cooler or air conditioning. A fan simply moves air around, mimicking the wind outdoors. While it can make you feel cooler, it doesn't actually lower the room temperature. For effective cooling, you'll need an air conditioning system that actively cools the air.

But, using a fan can still make a noticeable difference in how you feel by creating a breeze and reducing heat. And if you're looking for a budget-friendly option, here are useful tips on how to make your own ice fan.

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