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A ceiling fan is a ceiling-mounted fan that, depending on the direction of rotation, makes it feel warmer or cooler in the room. Ceiling fans usually have large rotor blades, but there are a few ceiling fans that lack blades as well.

In the summer, you usually want the fan to cool down, and then it is the direction of rotation in counterclockwise that applies. You will then get a so-called wind cooling effect when the hot air is blown away from your skin. In winter, you may want to run the fan clockwise, as this will cause warm air rising to the ceiling to be fanned down.

To begin with, you should place the fan so that there is plenty of space for it so that it gets enough airflow. In addition, it always makes sense to check the ceiling height carefully because a speedy rotating fan can cause great damage if you reach it accidentally. The recommendation is that the fan blades sit 25 centimetres from the ceiling and at least 50 centimetres from the wall, door or furniture. Make sure to attach the fan firmly to the ceiling.


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