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Floor Fans Sohler 16" Standing Pedestal Stand Fan

Sohler 16" Standing Pedestal Stand Fan

Floor Fan, Remote Controlled, Oscillating, Tiltable

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A floor fan is basically a construction designed to move gas or air. The air doesn't actually get colder, but is separated from the surface of the skin, which makes it more comfortable to stay in high temperatures. In other words, using a fan when you’re not in the room does not have any effect on the temperature, unlike an air conditioner.

Not enough to significantly affect your electricity bill. A normal-sized floor fan that’s being used sparingly will not cost you more than 8 pence a day. If you have a big house and are using several fans at the same time, and leave them on when you are not in the room, it will probably cost you around 30-40 pence a day.

It’s really important that you place the fan so that it can effectively fan the hot air away from your skin, i.e., it should be directed at the place where you are. Otherwise, it will not have any effect at all. When it’s colder outside, you can place the fan close to the window so the room fills up with cool air.

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