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Tower Fans Dyson AM09
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Dyson AM09

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JC Campbell Electrics
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Tower fans, also called pillar fans, are a type of fan suitable for smaller spaces and usually relatively discreetly designed. Tower fans are also easy to place even in tight spaces, as they are tall and narrow.

The principle is the same as when it comes to floor fans; that is, the fan sets the air in motion and blows the warm air away from the skin, making it feel cooler. But the pillar fan has no visible rotor blades, and they are usually also slightly quieter than floor fans. A lot has happened in this product segment in recent years, and today many tower fans are as good as traditional floor fans.

Most tower fans pretty much work the same way, and technically they do not differ significantly. Choosing a tower fan is more about the aesthetics and the sound level. As a rule of thumb, a taller tower fan gives a better effect than a shorter one. Some tower fans also have features for extra quiet running.

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